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Back in August I decided to get my whole courage and fly to Cieszyn in Poland, just on the border with Czech Republic, to meet someone I wanted to meet for ages.
Monika Ekiert Jezusek is one of the most amazing artist I had a chance to meet. If you want to see her incredible pictures go visit her FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Monika-Ekiert-Jezusek-261638103961477/

During this workshop she showed me how she works, how her creative process looks like and how she gets her results. I made sure I squeezed every drop of knowledge out of her. When I was flying back to Warsaw I was exhausted but so happy.
During these 2 days we created 6 series of pictures, this is the first series which I called Fallen.
I'm not going to tell you what it means for me, I'm going to show you.

And please don't forget to visit Monika's page. It's magic!