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Still Life

April 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Living in a village is not easy, especially if you are like me - born and bred in a big city. One year after moving from a capital city to a tiny village of 90 houses I started to struggle. Not only with the every day challenges (jeeeez, we don't even have a shop here) but also with the way I think about myself as a photographer.

In Warsaw on a day like yesterday, when suddenly I felt that my creativity is boiling under my skin and I have to either do something or explode, I just had to call a model, pack my camera, grab a few films and just go. If I wanted to go away for a weekend and spend it photographing, I always knew who to call to join some photography meetings. After that I knew where to take my films to be developed and on the same day or a day after I could enjoy the results of my work. 

Here is different. Models are different. Expectations are different. And what people like is different. I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of - let's call it - UK style photography. I can't find there emotions which are for me the biggest part of my photography adventure. That's why I stick to Polish models who - I have to admit - I can find here but not as easily as at home. 

That's why I had to find something different, something that will allow me to grab my camera and just go and take pictures. I am not a landscape photographer, have no idea how to take pictures of animals or architecture. My adventure with macro photography was lovely but also a big failure :) It's just not me. But at the same time I had to find something to do, to be able to cool down my head. I went for a walk with our two dogs, saw these flowers on the tree (ha, as a city girl I have no idea how this tree is even called), forget-me-nots growing next to the road and I think I found it.

Still life.

Cooled my head. Nothing boils under my skin today. Loved it. 

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Have a lovely day!



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